It's time to create your own story of survival, resilience, beauty and pleasure.

A mind, body and spiritual approach to healing.

Welcome to Red Bird

Stephanie Jo

Founder- Red Bird Rising & Retreats
Intimacy & Pleasure focused sex  Educator & Published Author

For 25 years I have been bringing Pleasure focused, Sexual health & wellness education to those seeking more.

As a student of my own body, mind & spirit,  I believe we can heal the world through safe intimacy, love, compassion, accountability & pleasure.

James Keck

Yoga Teacher,  Consent Educator,      Certified Somatic Educator,
 Certified Cuddlist

I have 28 years experience working in the public sector with an emphasis on facilitation/mediation, problem solving, conflict resolution and process improvement. 

For the past 3 years, I have applied this experience to individual growth & transformation by placing greater focus on the importance and role of the body in the growth &  healing process.


"Stephanie Jo provided support at two, week long retreats I attended, and without exception, she was kind, caring,an excellent listener, and provided a safe and loving space as a safe port and in all of my interactions with her. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in future events that she leads based on my previous experience with her. "
-Sandy K

"Stephanie Jo was a warm an caring holder at the retreats I
attended and she staffed. With a great sense of humor and a compassionate heart, she made me well cared-for as I went through my process.

-Marie-Elizabeth Mali

"Stephanie Jo is kind, generous,compassionate and a great listener. I had the pleasure of working with her at one of the wellness reatreats I attended and She was attentive, present and supportive with no judgement on how I felt physically and emotionally during retreat. I felt safe, loved, heard and seen. I highly recommend Stephanie Jo to help and navigate with your healing and empowerment process."

"Working with Stephanie & James was nothing short of life changing.  Their Quantum Somatic Journey took me to places I hadn't been before , both physically, and spiritually. 
Their beautiful combinatin of Yin & Yang created an experience so sacred I was brought to tears. The way Stephanie & James work together is impeccable. I cant wait to see what else they bring to the world of somatic healing . 
-Bonnie Gayle